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Write - Write For Us

Are you an avid fan of music?
Do you believe that everyone should be given ample opportunity to shine?
Do you believe the indie artists have as much to offer as company-backed ones?
Do you want to contribute to the success of others?
Are you experienced in writing?
Do you have first-hand knowledge about the goings on in indie communities?

If you’ve answered mostly yes to all the questions above, you’d be perfect as a contributor for Squid Music!

Yes, Squid Music is looking for brilliant contributors to further our core message and mission of supporting those in the indie scene of music. We would love to have you produce opinion pieces or reviews of recent performances, instruments, and sounds.

We, at the core of our beings, believe that indie artists are highly talented and only need a bit of a boost in order to be well-known. Actually, why not a whole lot of a boost? Everyone will be made richer by having quality music in the air. The camaraderie that can be formed by a supporting community can last well into the future.

We’d be delighted if you were to help us create such a community for the present and future indie artists of our world.

If you think that you would love to help out, send us a message! If you aren’t quite sure that you’re a full fit but would still want to contribute toward the cause, get in touch with us through 409-547-6584. Let’s get this community started!