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What Other Ways Can You Support Indie Artists?

Supporting Indie Musicians and Artists have always been at the core of Squid Music. Today, we discuss the other ways you can show your support for Indie Artists everywhere.

Is there a show in your area? Attend!

One of the biggest ways to show your support is through attending performances and gigs held by local venues. There’s a great chance that they’ll be showcasing local or out of town Indie talent. If your town happens to be a stop of an indie tour, show your support by watching their show.

You may just be one person but you are a person to contribute to the overall headcount. Most venues consider ticket sales and headcounts as a measure of success of a featured band. If you can help drive that number up further, the better the chances of the band or artist getting more gigs in the future.

Are they selling merchandise? Buy!

Merchandise is more than just a good keepsake, its revenue for the Indie artist or performer. If they are just starting out, you can be that those pieces of merch that you see on the stand are things that they either made themselves or are locally sourced. So you can expect that they aren’t very pricey. Even if they are, see if they’re of a good quality, get it anyway!

Not only will you be helping the indie artist with revenue, it’s such a big confidence boost that you would want to buy their memorabilia. Also, on the chance that they make it big one day, you’ll have a keepsake that will be worth a lot of money!

Are they releasing an album or a single? Buy!

Music sales are everything when it comes to the career of an Indie performer. While we’re not saying that every indie performer is only after money, getting good sales will help them stay on the course. There are a lot of great artists out there that just need a little bit of a boost from others in order to make it big.

If the indie artist is signed up with an Indie Label, all the more reason for you to actually purchase their music. You’ll be empowering that Indie Label to be able to take on more Indie Artists and spread all that indie love!

Did you love the performance or song? Don’t keep it to yourself!

Sharing the news is one of the best ways to support indie artists. With social media being so accessible nowadays, you can even tag the official account of the artist or band in your post or review. If you took photos during the event, be sure to share it online and tag the group or artist while you’re at it!

Cultivating a positive word of mouth is a great way to bring awareness and other fans for the artists.

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To Close

Supporting indie artists is a wonderful way to keep fresh blood pumping through our musical sphere. If you guys have other ways of supporting Indie artists, share them with us and we’ll share them in future posts as well!

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