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Looking Back on the Rockers CD

The Rockers were an indie band that had a pretty great run. Today, we discuss their only record before they called it quits. The original members of The Rockers were John Rock, Carl Jeppessen, Phil Schraub, and George Hastings. It isn’t really known as to why the group broke up but it is known that the band went through several incarnations before finally deciding to break up.

The Rockers do not have that many recordings of their performances. Most of them are in pretty bad condition so it doesn’t really do them justice. One of the records of their live performance was recorded outside and rather close to Half Moon Bay in California.

The Rockers also had a recorded performance at the formerly grand Gumption Theater in San Francisco. While it was a great place in terms of nostalgia, it wasn’t really conducive to proper acoustics. Also, the location in which they conduct their recordings was borderline atrocious. The resulting record of The Rockers ended up with something that wasn’t very good. Something that is rather devastating to fans given that when they were all together, they were all very good.

The name of their one and only formally recorded album is Extended Play. It was made in 1980—so you know they were one of the pillars of the indie path. A reason why their album was such a big deal was due to the fact that other than it was their only recorded album, the had Bryan Allinsmith as their drummer. This made quite the stir as they started the touring and the album with their original member George Hastings.

As this band was together around 37 years ago, it would be expected that the way they were recorded left a lot to be desired. The ground had John Rock on the lead vocals (probably why they were called The Rockers) and beyond being the voice, he played guitar in some songs. Phil Scharub was on the guitars and backup vocals. He was known to play a Fender Strat and a Gibson Les Paul. Carl Jeppessen utilized his bass, a Gibson Firebird.

Some of the known songs that were part of the record were entitled:

  • I Want To Tell You
  • Comeback
  • Don’t Leave Me Tonight
  • Understanding

From what we know, those are only tracks on the record. Which was expected back in the day; what we would not give to have a live copy of the CD and to be able to listen to them regardless of the quality.

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To Close

While the Rockers were a pretty fine group—they offered a different kind of sound which was a great approach and boon to the indie scene. If you weren’t familiar with the indie scene, they would have been a great introduction.

It is to be noted that after the Rockers parted ways, some of the members came back together, the formed another band named The Finders. However, that’s a story for another time!

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