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Nine Famous Musicians That Are Actually Indie Artists

There is a misconception that Indie artists never break through the music industry. Let’s change that. Join us as we list off 10 famous musicians that are actually Indie Artists.


Known men in the genre of Alternative Rock, these Englishmen from Abingdon, Oxfordshire pretty much rocked the world with their song “Creep”. This song pretty much became the anthem of anyone who felt like they didn’t quite fit in.

gorillaz - Nine Famous Musicians That Are Actually Indie Artists


This virtual band from England is releasing their new album this year. However, despite massive commercial success, they are actually an indie band that isn’t signed on to any major label. Pretty impressive for a bunch of colorful characters!

Death Cab for Cutie

This famous American band has never signed up with a major music label. Instead, they mostly keep to organic and smalltime American labels. Who says that you need to have famous representation to land great deals and soundtrack features?

Florence + the Machine

We’re very doubtful that you haven’t heard the hauntingly melodic voice of Florence Welch. This lady and her band have reached massive successes and won awards like MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction and Brit Award for MasterCard British Album of the Year to name a few. You’ll find a grand selection of their songs on Youtube and other streaming sites. As her vocal styling is a favorite for TV and movies, there’s a high chance you’ve already heard one of her songs. You just don’t realize it.

colplay - Nine Famous Musicians That Are Actually Indie Artists


Coldplay is one of the continuously successful bands of the recent decade. They have massive hits and sold out world tours. The band’s constant shift from one musical genre to another is a freedom that Indie artists continue to enjoy. Coldplay has won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year which is a great honor. So if there was anyone to be a gold example of how big Indie artists can get, Coldplay is the go-to showpiece.


We’re certain that you’ve heard the song “Wonderwall”. This song was made popular by the Gallagher brothers and it dominated music charts all over the world. While no longer together, both brothers continue to enjoy success in their own musical careers.

nirvana - Nine Famous Musicians That Are Actually Indie Artists


This band is arguably one of the most famous bands in the world. The ill-fated frontman Kurt Cobain has left a fixed mark in the music industry. With their many awards and highly successful songs, they were the pillars of grunge culture.

The Strokes

This American rock group was hailed as the embodiment of post-punk revival. While it can be argued that there are many that do not consider The Strokes as a band that has “made it”, their record sales and massive fan base begs to differ.

white - Nine Famous Musicians That Are Actually Indie Artists

The White Stripes

This Rock Duo has raised a lot of eyebrows through the years. However, there is no denying their solid sound. Their song Seven Nation Army has been the favorite of movies and badass scenes of the recent decade.

As you can see, Indie Artists can and have made it big!

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