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Fun at the Gong Show with Lobster Repair

Looking back on how far indie artists have come is one of our favorite pastimes. Today, we’ll be looking back on how Lobster Repair had a fun time at the Gong Show.

Why is it important to look back?

When you’re discussing a topic like music, you can’t expect it to stay the same forever. Music is a craft that continues to evolve with time and with every generation that’s born. We’ve seen its evolution from the start of human history and we still see it today.

The indie scene and indie artists have always been the sort of underdog when it comes to everything music related. If you think it’s tough trying to break into the industry now, you should imagine what it was like when the internet wasn’t around. Indie artists had to really haul ass to really get the word out about their band and their performance.

As most stations preferred commercial bands, it was really difficult for indie bands to put a toe into the door of success. Now that’s it’s been how many years since the constant change of music and the music industry, we’re offered a great hindsight into how indie artists tried to really make it work without “selling out” so to speak.

While it was truly difficult back then, this didn’t mean that indie players did not have champions giving them a great chance at success. One of these champions what the Gong Show.

What is the Gong Show?

This was an amateur talent contest that was around in the 70s. Think X-Factor with the judges and everything. This show offered anyone a chance to show their stuff on TV. In July of 1978, Lobster Repair competed and performed the song Day-O. This song you may know to be a traditional Jamaican song that was made popular by artist Harry Belafonte.

Lobster Repair brought their guitars, maracas, and hats and won the hearts of judges. There were big smiles all around! They were declared winners of that particular episode and went on to gain a modicum of success afterwards.

What is Lobster Repair?

Lobster Repair is an indie band that came to be back in the 70s. While it’s been a while since their incarnation, they’re still pretty much alive in the indie scene. What made them stand out back then was their primary use of acoustic guitar and play style.

It was those that saw Lobster Repair that day (and their subsequent live plays) that got inspired to pick up their own instruments.

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Indies and Instruments

Indie players usually placed a lot of emphasis on the simplicity of the instruments they play. The subsequent beauty that comes forth is one of the reasons why indie players continue to stay in the sphere of music. In today’s world, there are more ways to make sure that your sound is at its peak. One of those ways is through a studio set up. It’s highly possible with good studio monitors on your side.

Let the fun that Lobster Repair had on the Gong Show remind you the fun you can have while you’re playing your tunes.

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