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Lobster Repair Helps a Girl Find Her Heart

Following the trend from last month, we take a look at another positive thing that a favorite Indie Group had done. Today, we focus upon Lobster Repair.

It was around last year that we discussed the fun group that was Lobster Repair. We talked about the positive experience that they had during The Gong Show. While that was a lot of years ago, this group hasn’t quite finished sharing themselves with the world. It’s quite a positive way to boot!

It was late in the year 2016 that a young lady with the name of Leah McBugg was struggling with a heart condition. As anyone who has ever had a family member with a heart condition would know, it can really rack up the bills. There’s a lot of medication needed, a lot of check ups, so many tests, and the long search for a potential donor.

As this was the case, young Leah knew she was in for the fight of her life. Her family and friends advised her to document her journey on her YouTube Channel. There, Leah discusses her symptoms, treatments, and many other things. She also has other videos on her channel and it’s a great place to get updates about her. It seemed that her family, friends, and community had a benefit thrown on her behalf.

It was called Braveheart or My Brave Heart. It was a local gig and proceeds of the event were to go to Leah’s medical needs. Lobster Repair was there to help out! The band helped with the set list where Leah herself sang. It was to be the first time she had performed in public since the sixth grade. It was quite endearing to see a brave young woman in the midst of her struggle put on a happy face and be surrounded by love.

Lobster Repair also sang their version of Day-O, very much like the day they did in The Gong Show. It was a thoroughly beautiful experience for everyone involved. This act which was on behalf of a young lady with a condition is good reminder on how Indie Artists are move involved in their community and the people in it.

From what we gathered, at the time when the benefit occurred, Leah was heading into her 4th heart surgery. She’s certainly a brave young woman and it was really lovely seeing her community get together to giver her hope and surround her with positivity.

help - Lobster Repair Helps a Girl Find Her Heart

To Close

Leah has updated her condition and she’s still fighting. We continue to hope and pray for her successful surgeries! We also hope that more and more people like Lobster Repair would use their talents for the benefit of others. More of the people of the world, we think, wouldn’t be as upset all the time if they realized how many people out there truly cared and would go out of their way to help others.

If anyone would like to make a contribution toward Leah McBugg’s continuing battle with her heart condition, you can look up her goFundMe account and help! You’re going to make us—and Lobster Repair—very happy people!

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