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Shining a Bit more Light on the Talented DJ Monkey

We’ve emphasized the importance of looking back on indie artists that have blazed a path. Today, we hope that you join us as we reintroduce you to DJ Monkey!

DJ Monkey isn’t your usual indie group. They’re actually comprised of individuals that you probably wouldn’t have expected to be in a spoken word/rap combination performance. Here are the members as they were:

Joey Alkes

A proud New Yorker, he is the writer and co-producer of the group. There is more to this person that meets the eye! He’s actually a published poet and is responsible for co-authoring “A Million Miles Away”.

Mick McMains

Vocalist and multi-instrument player extraordinaire! He has vast experience in developing the sound and writing words to go with everything else.

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Lil’ Tip Toe

Otherwise known as Jamal Cryer, he is the soul of rap for the group. With an extensive resume in terms of rap collaborations and performances, he was the perfect dude to provide some “oomph” to the songs.

Ian McMains

Guitarist by nature and naturally drawn to music, he hung around the studio and got to see how magic happened. This turns out to be a really good choice as eventually developed his style and brought about a refreshing new sound to the group!


Otherwise known as Jeremy Roth! When the group needed a scratcher to bring the whole thing together, it was Ian that brought in Jeremy. It seems that the stars aligned for this pairing to happen as during that time, Roth was Ian’s roommate!

Count Daddy-O

Also goes by the name of Mitch Rafal! One talented Saxophonist and flute player, he has been touted with the title of “Man with Tone”.

dj1 - Shining a Bit more Light on the Talented DJ Monkey

How the Magic Happened…

In 2002, Joey and Mick crossed paths in California and instantly made a connection. Their artistic sides seemed to be in tune with each other and they instantly got to work on poetry and music. It was then that they discovered the foundation for a great friendship and working relationship to boot! Both men discovered the lovely harmony created when you combine spoken word with heavy rhythm and bass. They then decided to add rap elements to the mix and invited Cryer to sprinkle a bit of his talent to the formula.

At the time, Ian was already hanging around the studio so he was a natural addition to the mix. From there, they started to bring in other people and everything just clicked.  Isn’t it funny how life tends to bring together people?a

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