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DJ Monkey’s Special Election Year Compilation

We return with one of DJ Monkey’s better known works and had ties to the film W the Movie! Let’s dissect it further and see why DJ Monkey is truly a visionary indie group.

Corporate Oil War is a classic

Released in 2008, it was a record that clarified from the get-go that all its proceeds would go toward the Barack Obama presidential campaign.

The group released their compilation during what they called to be a “Critical Election year”. They released a 10-track CD which had songs from their first two records, “Another Evolution” and “3rd World War”.  What made this compilation special to the hearts of their fans was the fact that they were treated to a previously unreleased alternate version of the song “God Is an Underachiever”.

For all intents and purposes, God is an Underachiever is considered to be a highly thought provoking piece.

You can expect to hear the typical DJ Monkey sound. So you’ll hear bass, guitar, spoken word, and even hip-hop. One of the things that make DJ Monkey not only relevant but also refreshing is the way that they bring about different instruments and styles and blend them together in a way that just works.

comp - DJ Monkey’s Special Election Year Compilation

Seriously, if you were to tell anyone else that you wanted to put together acoustic guitar, violin, rap, percussions, and turntables together in a song, they’d tell you to hit the road. It’s a pleasant medley. It has the same effect as ordering something that sounds completely mental and finding it to be the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted.

DJ Monkey and their limited edition record Corporate Oil War is a rather stellar example of why it’s great to be an Indie Artist. Instead of sticking to just one genre, they mix it up. What audiences end up getting is something that’s refreshing and completely self-defining.

This record was a good example of a band could present their sound, style, and approach to music and at the same time, establish their social commentary without being rude or being out rightly in anyone’s business.

The different songs each have their own approach. It’s like each song can stands on its own without being overshadowed or being too extra that it suffocates the other tracks. No, Corporate Oil War manages to put together equally powerful songs with strong social commentary without making the listener feel like they’ve just been lectured.

If we were to describe it, it would be like having a sudden and thoughtful conversation with your one quirky friend that you never realized was just so darn wise. Be prepared to feel a little jarred as DJ Monkey introduces you to their personal marriage of jazz, hip-hop, rock, and poetry. However, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

We believe that the reason why Corporate Oil War will always be a classic is because of its ability to point out issues that were otherwise ignored during that point in time. We also particularly liked how they were fully supporting Barack Obama’s campaign. If you were ever looking for a talented Indie group with its heart in the right place, DJ Monkey is definitely a group to listen to.

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