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Why is Online Advertising Good?

In the old days (when dinosaurs walked the Earth), the usual avenues for advertising would either be a few things: TV, print, radio, or billboards.

There’s one thing that all of those have in common: they’re expensive. You will need to constantly pay a fee to keep your ads going. When you’re an indie artist or you have a small event, a budget isn’t usually in the large scale of things. What usually ends up happening is that not much circulation is made and you end up buried by everything else that can afford to keep their ads in the air.

When the internet launched, there was now a new avenue for ads that was made available—people just hadn’t realized it yet. Not everyone had access to the internet, after all. Flash forward to now and pretty much everyone has access to it. Social media has made it pretty much impossible to not run into ads.

This is because running online ads don’t cost as much as it would if you were to run physical ads. Online ads open up the possibility for more exposure for the information that you’re presenting.

Why Advertise with Us?

Squid Music’s goal is to promote, support, and boost indie artists and bands. If you’ve you’re part of an indie band or if you’re an indie performer yourself, we’d love to run your ads on our website.

Get in touch with one of our representatives through 409-547-6584 and we can work out your ad package in the soonest possible opportunity!