About Us

Welcome to Squid Music!

We’re a happy bunch of music lovers that aim to provide support for independent artists! While our mission started a long time ago, it seems that our advocacy is still very much needed in this day and age. While technology has allowed for a better market for independent artists to launch themselves, it is still important to grant them support. The way the game is played may have changed but the overall goal is still the same: support independent music and artists.

We acknowledge that independent artists have so much to offer in terms of play style, methods, and theory. However, they almost always end up getting buried under the glitz and glamour of other artists that are backed by multi-million dollar record deals and companies.

While we do not begrudge those people their success, our heart lies with the artists that are just starting out and need a boost in their paths. We hope that you tune is as we discuss various independent artists, music events, and other music related discussions. It’s time to continue our cause into the new era!

If you know any independent artists that need a boost, give us a heads up at 409-547-6584. We’re always ready to help!

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